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Anonymous: So how do you let someone down easy when you want to stay good friends...?

There are SO many different ways to let someone down as easy as possible but I think that the best way is to just be 100% honest with that person. For example, I had to tell my guy best friend that I just wanted to stay as friends and he told me that he didn’t want to hear the same “It would be best if we stayed as friends” excuse so I told him that I thought staying as best friends would turn out so much better and last much longer than trying to be something more, because if dating didn’t work, our entire friendship would have been thrown away. At least if we stayed as friends, we still had a friendship and we only missed out on something that we wouldn’t even know if it would work out for sure. So I guess if you want, you can use that. It sounds much better than saying “I don’t like you”. I hope this helped, if not talk to me again :)