Let it all out, I'm here to listen.

Anonymous: (c)...i try to talk to them about the other's feelings but my friend (girl) just doesn't really listen. meanwhile,the girl and i are "best friends" but its really hard to call her that when she treated my other friend like that during the year and didnt care or make it up to him. and the boy...i like him and we dont talk much b/c hes always talking w/ my other friends, & only talks to me when hes mad at the girl. he'd said stuff that made me think he didn't really realize i was there. advice?

Well if he only goes to you when he wants you to talk to your bestfriend, it seems like he’s using you. Instead of going back and forth for them, just get both of them to talk together, but you should be there when they do talk, to keep things under control. I hope this helped, if not talk to me again :)